Hi ~ My name is Maya Valdez. I’m an ordinary housewife — except for one thing — I have sex with many men, and all with my husband’s permission. I live THE HOTWIFE LIFESTYLE!

The image to the right is the only actual picture of me that you will see on this site. My husband took the photo. Why don’t I show my face on these pages? Hey, I do have a family and a career. I’m entitled to my privacy. But, I’ll post other photos that represent the real events that I write about. You’ll see the sexy Hotwife Life that I lead.

A Hotwife is one whose husband allows, or even encourages her to have sexual relations with other men.





Welcome to HOTWIFE 4 LIFE! I am Maya Valdez’s husband, Grant. My wife is a certified, real and true Hotwife for life with a permanent HALL PASS from me.

I enjoy allowing my wife to have other lovers. I feel that it makes her more sexy as a woman, more satisfied as a wife and lover, and ultimately happier as a person.